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Transmission, Landscapes of the Heart and the Max Richter/Future Sound of London EP are currently avaliable. Payments are made through paypal and the CDs will be sent to you by return of post.

For multiple CD purchases, please email semra@pianocircus.com for a quote.

Skin and Wire

skin and wire

pianocircus featuring Bill Bruford play the music of Colin Riley.

Summerfold Records.

Available to order now from Bill's online store.
- kit and caboodle 7'10»now streaming
- pale corridor 6'40»now streaming
- stalling between two fools 5'36»now streaming
- the still small voice 7'54»now streaming
- achilles' feel 7'22»now streaming
- without a hand to hold 2'48»now streaming
- squiggle zipper 9'57»now streaming
- tear 2'43»now streaming
- ebb cast 9'47»now streaming

Transmission (55'57")


14 plus p&p
Postage options

Erkki-Sven Tüür - Transmission 13'34»now streaming
Nikki Yeoh - Six as 1 8'03»now streaming
Barak Schmool - Stolen Train 5'06»now streaming
Peter Bengtson - Carillon 7'57»now streaming
Sarunas Nakas - Merz Machine 9'24»now streaming
Conlon Nancarrow - Study No.5 2'56»now streaming
Huw Warren - Riot! 8'57»now streaming
Also available to download from CD Baby and iTunes.

Landscapes Of The Heart (44'26")


10 plus p&p
Postage options

Composed by founder member Richard Harris, the entire soundtrack to 'Landscapes Of The Heart', pianocircus's collaboration with aerial theatre company Scarabeus.

An 11 track CD performed by pianocircus with contributions from Philippa Reeves and Reinaldo Renzo (voice) and Thaw (sampling and percussion.)

Memories»now streaming
Water (cutting the umbilical cord)»now streaming
Angels Watching the City»now streaming
Humans Entering the City»now streaming
Resting on Angels»now streaming
Windows of Stories»now streaming
Mad City»now streaming
Carnival (making mass)»now streaming
Passion»now streaming
Dancing in the Street»now streaming
Sky in the Heart»now streaming

Max Richter/Future sound of London EP


8 plus p&p
Postage options
Max Richter - Mazuzu Dream»now streaming
Max Richter - Kumakudo»now streaming
Future Sound of London (arr Max Richter) - Glass (21'56")»now streaming
Mazuzu Dream single also available to download from iTunes and CD Baby

Graham Fitkin


- Log
- Line
- Loud (44'06")
available to download from iTunes

Morgan Fisher - Miniatures 2 (67'29")


a collection of 60 one-minute pieces by 60 different artists
pianocircus plays: Kate Heath - Red
available to download from iTunes

Loop Holes


Richard Harris - Hexada
Richard Harris - Swive
Charlie Barber - Kantilan Karangan
Max Richter - Cake Music
Max Richter - Gongstream
Max Richter - Rain, Sun ect.
Barak Schmool - Stolen Train
Julia Wolfe - My Lips From Speaking
This CD is currently unavailable

Robert Moran


- Arias & Inventions from Desert of Roses available from iTunes
- Ten miles high over Albania
- Open Veins available from iTunes
This CD is currently unavailable


10 plus p&p
Postage options
Chris Fitkin - Sextet
Michael Nyman - I - 100
Tim Seddon - 16
Simon Rackham - Which ever way your nose bends
available to download from iTunes

Igor Stravinsky


- The Rite of Spring
- Les Noces
available to download from iTunes


Kevin Volans - Kneeling Dance
David Lang - Face So Pale
Steve Reich - Four Organs
Robert Moran - Three Dances
available to download on iTunes


Steve Reich - 6 Pianos
Terry Riley - In C
available to download from iTunes

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